Renting with Pets - Finding & keeping your perfect home!

Finding a rental can prove to be incredibly stressful, especially with pets in tow! I have personally moved interstate twice with two dogs and lived in 5 rentals - it can be hard at times but it definitely can be done!

1. Where to start looking?

Of course you'll want to begin with some of the bigger Real Estate websites such as and but don't discount alternatives such as and Facebook! I was extremely lucky to find one of my best rentals and landlords on Gumtree.  

It is always discouraging to filter by 'Pet Friendly Properties' to have the number go from say 500 to 3 properties.  If you see a property you really love and think it would be suitable for you and your pets, go along and inspect it anyway and put in an application.  Many landlords will accept pets but for some reason or another, this doesn't end up being communicated in online ads.  I found this to be quite common in Melbourne - very few properties are advertised as Pet Friendly yet my first rental I was approved for wasn't advertised as such.  

2. Put your best foot/paw forward! 

It's all about presentation!  Have you ever heard of a Pet Resume? It's not always necessary but it's usually a one page document outlining your pet's best qualities and valuable information such as:

* Breed/Size/Sex/Weight
* Council Registration Number
* Vaccination Status 
* Desexing Status 
* Pet References - from previous landlords/real estates if available 
* Any other information you'd like to share

It's a fact lots of people love dogs - consider including a picture with your application to sweeten the deal. 

3. Don't give up...

It can sometimes take longer than expected to find a place.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and ask for help if you need it.  Local community groups & breed specific groups on Facebook have been wonderful to me in times of need - particularly a Dachshund group I belong to.  I've also seen lots of pet friendly properties being advertised on this Dachshund group to other members purely for the fact that everyone knows how hard it can be.  

4. Moving in! 

Moving can cause anxiety in some dogs - the unknown can be scary.  While they get used to new smells, sounds & people around, they may be jumpy and bark more whilst they're still settling in.  Barking may cause some annoyance to neighbours and unfortunately I've had 2 complaints about this before.  I've found that when moving into a new place, especially an apartment or terrace with shared walls - the best thing to do is go and meet your new neighbours, introduce yourself and your dog.  Explain that you're new, have just moved in and that your pet may need some time adjusting to their new environment.  People are usually much more understanding if you explain upfront so they know exactly what is going on! 

Have any great tips we can add? We'd love to hear them! Comment below.

Stay safe, 


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