25 Name Ideas for your Dachshund (Sausage Dog)

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Bringing home a new dog is a big deal! Picking out their name is not always easy so we've put together a list of 25 fun name ideas for your dachshund.  Once you've picked their name, why not check out our range of personalised dog gear here

1. Sizzle
2. Kransky 
3. Hugo
4. Schnitzel Von Krumm 
5. Dagwood 
6. Oscar
7. Pepperoni 
8. Bratwurst
9. Winston
10. Chewbarker
11. Harry
12. Dash
13. Lola
14. Fudge
15. Coco
16. Louie
17. Chippy
18. Kevin 
19. Frank 
20. Pickles
21. Penny
22. Gary
23. Snickers
24. Slinky 
25. Lulu

Have any other great ideas? Let us know in the comments! 

Enjoy the rest of your day & stay safe!


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