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Separation Anxiety in Puppies

You bring home a brand new puppy and you're in love! Those tiny little paws, the new puppy smell, the adorable way they walk...  But soon you realise, life has changed in a big way.  Leaving the house is a nightmare filled with anxiety for you and your pup.  Will this ever end? 

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Ringo's IVDD Journey

Sadly, our 7 year old Dachshund Ringo (the guy in our logo!) had spinal surgery for IVDD on the 1st of December.  Here is his story...

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Featured - That Dog Shop!

We are so grateful!  Our unique range of Pregnancy Announcement Dog Bandanas have been voted as one of the top 20 personalised products in Australia by technology company Spiff - the company behind the technology which powers personalisation for brands such as Maltesers, Vegemite, KitKat, Allens lollies, Koko Black and more.   We know consumer demand is constantly evolving and we are proud to offer our customers the ability to personalise their purchases.   Out of 443 online stores around the country That Dog Shop made the cut so it's safe to safe we are stoked!  Check out the full list of stores & products here - It's a great list of personalised products and gift ideas so make sure to...

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